Terms & Conditions


By joining JOIN ME as a member, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions

  1. JOIN ME expects all members to maintain the highest professional standards of service, and to boost the reputation of UK.
  2. All members should maintain and update their premises and/or business in accordance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  3. The subscription fee is determined by JOIN ME, all members must pay an annual subscription, payment is due upon receipt of invoice via annual Credit/Debit cards payment.
  4. Payment must be received before your advert is published on our websites and any social media platforms.
  5. A £60 cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation of membership, within 14 days of sign up.
  6. Your membership subscription will auto-renew unless canceled at least three months prior to expiry date, all members are required to give three months notice in writing to terminate and discontinue their membership – a cancellation fee to the value of the three months will be payable.
  7. JOIN ME reserves the right to increase the annual membership subscription fee. Such changes shall not take effect during the initial period and any increases that apply after the initial period.
  8. Membership is not transferrable.
  9. Members are provided with the services listed by JOIN ME in the description of the membership benefits. Members may be charged a fee for such services and be subject to additional terms and conditions. JOIN ME reserves the right to refuse or remove such services without assigning any reason.
  10. JOIN ME may choose to terminate the membership subscription of any member that:
    1. fails to pay their subscription or fee to JOIN ME within three months of it becoming due;
    2. ceases trading or liquidation;
    3. is deemed likely to bring JOIN ME into disrepute;
    4. fails to provide an adequate standard of service or product, thereby generating complaints that are to the detriment of UK hospitality and tourism industry.
  11. JOIN ME is not obliged to accept any application for membership or give any reason for refusal.