About us

joinme-travel.com is a UK-based digital travel platform offering up-to-date information, support and a wide range of tours for visitors to Britain. Our audience is Chinese speakers who are interested in travelling, of which 900,000 visit the UK annually. We make sure that visitors have a real understanding of the whole country, with a full choice of destinations and activities to plan their itinerary across Britain! Many of our JOIN ME Travel web pages are amongst the top listing in the SERP (search engine results pages) when searching relevant terms in Chinese characters on Google.

What we do

If your brand needs to connect with wider Chinese users online, increase your brand awareness, or boost visibility and engagement, the JOIN ME Marketing team can help! We will package your tour/service/product in a way we know will be appealing for our audience – including translating the tour/service/product information and linking/comparing aspects to Chinese culture to help propose them in a relatable way. We see ourselves as bridging the gap between the local tourism, hospitality, and the Chinese tourist consumer markets, providing a more convenient way for each to reach one another.

Our Team