Your message are more likely to be remembered, if you use the language your target consumers’ use.

Why Content localisation matters?

An effective marketing strategy to reach your international targets.

Compelling Brand Story

Inspiring your audiences

Brand Story

A good brand story makes your brand memorable and desirable. Localised storytelling helps the company connect to its target market on a deeper level.

We help to create your unique brand story in the way we know Chinese-speaking consumers would be interested. More importantly, we know what’s popular keywords that are the best fit for your company for search engines.

Having your content translated into Chinese can provide your business with a major SEO boost, and let your audiences find you more easily.

Irresistible product & Service Descriptions

Attracting your audiences is a top priority

product & Service Descriptions

A business services page is usually one of the most viewed pages of your website, so the more tailored content is more likely to ask them to take any action or tell them to stop by.

Consumers need to know what you offer, where you serve, and how long you’ve been operating before they make the decision.

To describe your services or product features by using the language that your target audience uses, you can potentially lead to more sales.

Our Tailored Services

Marketing Translation​

Our experienced team of native Chinese speakers understand how to write engaging content to attract your target audiences. We will ensure to deliver the clear communication of your vision, mission, and brand to a wider range of Chinese consumers. 

Bespoke Content Writing

The content can be your web content, brand story, product description or press releases. All the content will be generated by native Chinese Mandarin speakers, who understand the Chinese-speaking markets in terms of culture, language and buying preferences!

Become a member

Become a member of the JOIN ME digital travel platform, and you will receive year-round exposure on our online presence for just £15 a month.

If you choose to subscribe to the membership for a year, the discount price will be £150 a year. You will also receive the benefits below.

  • Business profile on our Mandarin travel platform
  • A full-page inspiring blog content of your brand story and services on our Mandarin travel platform
  • The blog content of your brand story and services will be provided to you so that you could post it on your website.