Bridging the gap between UK businesses and Chinese speakers

Who We Are

We help Chinese-speaking tourists to arrange their perfect holiday.

JOIN ME is a UK-based travel platform ( offering up-to-date information, support and a wide range of tours for Chinese-speaking visitors to Britain. The platform allows users to quickly search for and view content to fit their needs, and purchase the best tours for them to achieve this.

We therefore aim to bridge the gap between local business and Chinese-speaking customers by tailoring marketers’ messages to potential clients in the customers’ own language.

Our Services

Discover our services and see what we can do for you and your business.

Marketing Translation​

Our experienced team of native Chinese speakers understand how to write engaging content to attract your target audiences. We will ensure to deliver the clear communication of your vision, mission, and brand to a wider range of Chinese consumers.

Bespoke Content Writing

JOIN ME implements localisation strategy to show your commitment to potential customers and to increase customer satisfaction. Whether it’s content for the web, your brand story, product descriptions or a press release, we can help create engaging content. All the content will be generated by native Chinese Mandarin speakers, who understand the Chinese-speaking markets in terms of culture, language and buying preferences! 

The Annual Package for great value

A cost effective way to expand and advertise your business to Chinese speakers.

What’s Included?
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Our Partners

We help our partners to reach Chinese-speaking tourists.